Where Can Hydrogen Be Found?

Hydrogen is found in many places including in gas planets, stars and in water. Hydrogen is one of the two elements found in water, which is created with two hydrogen atoms that have bonded to one oxygen atom.

The element hydrogen plays a role in powering those stars as they go through fusion reactions. Hydrogen can also be found in water, which has two hydrogen atoms per each oxygen atom. Hydrogen gas can be present in the air, and at room temperature under normal pressure conditions, it doesn't have a taste, odor or color.

Hydrogen can also become metallic hydrogen under extreme compression. It may also be used to power alternate fuel vehicles since the hydrogen can be reacted with oxygen to produce water and electricity.

According to Science Kids, hydrogen is also present in some chemical compounds such as hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is often used for cleaning or as bleach for hair. Some solutions of hydrogen peroxide can be used to treat and clean wounds and prevent infection.

Hydrogen is also used in air travel. Zeppelins, also known as airships, were lifted by hydrogen. The Hindenburg airship was destroyed midair by a hydrogen fire; shortly thereafter, airships stopped being used.