How Can You View Hubble Space Telescope Photography?


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Hubble space telescope photography is available on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration website or from online newspapers and magazines that provide science coverage, such as SeattlePi and National Geographic. NASA maintains extensive records of space imagery from the telescope and frequently publishes photographs for public consumption.

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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is the primary agency in charge of the telescope, managing its day-to-day workings, including imaging and photography. As of 2015, Goddard Space Flight Center frequently uploads data from the telescope for astronomers and other researchers to utilize. In addition, it also posts photographs intended for laypeople to NASA's multimedia galleries. These photographs are accessible through the Hubble Space Telescope link under the Mission tab on NASA's home page.

Numerous press outlets publish photographs from the Hubble mission. National Geographic, one of the major popular science publications in the United States, is among the foremost sources for Hubble photographs outside of the NASA website itself. National Geographic's website runs articles on and contains archives of Hubble imagery; this content is accessible directly from the magazine's home page via the search bar.

Many local newspapers in the United States also provide Hubble coverage. For example, the online newspaper SeattlePi publishes Hubble photographs from NASA press releases. These are available from the paper's article archives through a search query for the word "Hubble."

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