Where Can You Find Fluorine?


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Fluorine can be found as part of minerals like fluorite, fluorspar and cryolite. The element, with seven electrons in its outermost energy level, is highly reactive and thus cannot be found in its free form in nature.

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Fluorine has seven valence electrons, making it an extremely electronegative element. Electronegative elements generally have almost the full complement of electrons in their outermost energy levels, so they seize electrons from electropositive elements, such as metals, to complete their outermost energy levels.

Fluorine reacts readily with other elements to get the one electron it needs to become more stable. Of all the elements on the periodic table, fluorine is the most reactive and is always found bound to other elements. Fluorine is added to drinking water to prevent cavities, is used in welding and plays a part in the refrigeration industry.

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