Can You Have Your Finger Joint Replaced?


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Finger joints can be surgically replaced with prostheses. Knuckle replacement is not as common as hip or knee replacement, states Health.com. There is some debate among medical professionals about its widespread use; however, early indications show that arthritis patients experience immediate pain relief after surgery.

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Knuckle replacement surgeries first started in the 1950s, explains Health.com. There are several types of knuckle replacement. Knuckle fusion, typically performed on the smaller knuckles near the tip of the finger, is effective at relieving pain but does not improve mobility. Full knuckle replacement is most commonly performed on the larger base knuckles. A full knuckle replacement allows full mobility and can help correct the deformities of the hand often associated with arthritis. Regardless of the type of replacement surgery, the quick outpatient procedure can be performed in approximately 30 minutes per knuckle.

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