Where Can Educators Find Simple Earthquake Models?


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The United States Geological Survey offers a collection of models, animations and educational materials concerning earthquakes. Complete with models of the various aspects of the different types of earthquakes, the USGS is one of the most reliable outlets for simple, easy to understand earthquake models.

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The USGS hosts a collection of in-depth diagrams, maps and learning tools for modeling the different characteristics of earthquakes. Topics that include slip-strike faults, thrust faults and liquefaction are explained and modeled in clear animations and graphics. The USGS also provides a host of educational materials and historical data for comparison and research, as well as projects for classrooms and continued learning. The USGS also supplies a comprehensive explanation of the tectonic process, complete with models, to aid in the understanding of the underlying processes that drive earthquakes.

Additional outlets for simple earthquake models are available through various universities around the world, many of which are located within active earthquake zones. Educational and research institutions in areas such as California, Alaska, Chile, Japan and similar locales are on the cutting edge of earthquake research and often have the most accurate models. Along with these, there are many private educational outlets that offer simple models and even projects that allow users to create their own earthquake models, both graphically and physically.

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