How Can You Do the Double-Slit Experiment at Home?


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Performing the famous double slit experiment at home requires only a laser pointer (or some other source of high-energy light) and a piece of thick paper. The experiment itself requires the light to be directed towards slits in the paper and, if performed correctly, the interference patterns will reflect off the wall behind the paper. These interference patterns are highly dependent upon the width of the slits as well as the distance between them and the light source.

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How Can You Do the Double-Slit Experiment at Home?
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  1. Cut slits in the paper

    Cut slits in the paper for the beam of light to pass through. The slits should be as narrow as possible in order to get a decent interference pattern.

  2. Create a pinhole for the light

    Poke a hole into another sheet of paper and apply it to the light source. This greatly reduces the amount of photons being directed towards the slits and will aid in the interference pattern.

  3. Perform the experiment

    The paper should be placed in a way that allows the light to pass through the slits easily. On the other side of the room direct the beam of light towards the slits. If the slits were cut correctly, an interference pattern will emerge on the wall behind the paper.

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