What Can Be Done to Stop the Rain Forests From Being Destroyed?

can-done-stop-rain-forests-being-destroyed Credit: Ippei Naoi/Moment/Getty Images

Combating deforestation requires different approaches, according to Greenpeace, such as introducing zero deforestation policies that require suppliers to produce commodities in a way that causes minimal impact on natural forests. Moreover, people can save rain forests by purchasing recycled and certified wood products.

Corporations have the power to destroy rain forests, but they also have the ability to save these forests, states Greenpeace. They must introduce paper procurement policies that aim to maximize the use of postconsumer recycled wood, fiber, paper and pulp in products. With these policies, companies can use virgin fiber that is certified by rigorous third-party certification systems.

Consumers can make a difference by buying recycled products, supporting brands with zero deforestation policies and encouraging others to do the same. Zero deforestation, science-based domestic and international forest policies from the government are also important, according to Greenpeace.

Rainforest Concern explains that individuals can stop deforestation by making smart purchasing choices and asking questions on how certain food and products impact the rain forests. Consumers should avoid woods such as mahogany or teak that typically come from unmanaged sources. Some rain forests are cleared to raise beef cattle that many restaurants use. Recycling is another valuable solution to prevent deforestation.