What Can Be Done to Prevent Flooding?

Several precautionary steps can be undertaken to prevent a home from flooding, including raising important functional equipment above flood level. Raising the entire home above flood level is an effective, yet costly, solution to flooding. Using waterproofing materials is also a good option.

Flood prevention begins by checking around the home and finding ways to elevate equipment that is essential for home functions. Make note of where the circuit breakers, electrical outlets, water heater and furnace are located, as these items can be moved to a higher location so the home is able to keep vital systems running during a potential flood. Consider installing backflow water valves that are operated manually. These valves can be lightly sealed by homeowners to prevent rushing sewer water from entering the home. Measures can also be taken to anchor outdoor equipment, such as air conditioning units and fuel tanks, above flood level.

Homes located in areas prone to repeated flooding can be protected by raising the entire home and placing it on solid pier foundations. This type of retrofitting costs thousands of dollars and is a permanent solution for homeowners planning to live in a home for many years. Less costly flood prevention solutions include covering interior walls with a waterproof sealant and keeping gutters clear of debris.