How Can You Dislocate Your Knuckles?


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Knuckles can become dislocated as the result of physical injuries involving the fingers. Causes include fingers being forcibly jammed, twisted or bent backwards, states NYU Langone Medical Center. Participation in contact sports leads to a higher risk of finger dislocation. Other risk factors include weakened ligaments and previous dislocations.

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Dislocations of the knuckles happens less frequently than disclocation of other hand joints, according to Drugs.com. Knuckles are considered to be very stable, but when dislocations do happen it is usually in conjunction with injuries to the index or pinky fingers. Dislocated knuckles and fingers are very painful. The knuckle area swells and one or more fingers may appear abnormally deformed. There may also be some bruising along with cuts or scrapes.

Any dislocation injuries to the hand should be treated as quickly as possible by a medical professional, NYU Langone Medical Center notes. Untrained persons should avoid trying fix the injury. Fast medical treatment prevents long-term damage. Treating dislocated knuckles typically involves getting an X-ray and putting the hand into a splint. In more severe cases, a cast may be applied. Sometimes surgery is required. After professional care, additional home treatment may include applying ice packs to the area and elevating the hand to reduce the swelling.

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