Where Can You Find a Diagram of the Human Knee?


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A diagram of the human knee is available online at WebMD. The diagram is labeled with different parts of the knee and is in color. It also shows ligaments, bones and muscle.

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In addition to featuring a diagram of the knee, WebMD also thoroughly explains how the knee is put together. The site further explains how each ligament works to move the knee joint. For instance, it is explained that the anterior cruciate ligament prevents the femur, the large bone that makes up the top of the leg, from slipping. The site further goes on to explain how the menisci, small pieces of cartilage in the knee, serve as shock absorbers. This information helps a person to better understand the diagram.

This diagram is also accompanied by a list of conditions that can affect the knee. For example, the site explains how conditions, such as osteoporosis, affect the knee and what parts of the knee are affected by it. Alongside the diagram of the knee are links to other pages on WebMD that may further help a viewer understand how the knee works. The page also features links to pages on WebMD that give more information on conditions that may affect the knee, such as psoriatic arthritis.

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