How Can You Determine Moon Pahses Based on the Date?


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To determine the moon's phases by date, use a moon phase calendar such as those available on TimeAndDate.com and MoonConnection.com. These calendars show the dates and times for the full moon, first quarter moon, full moon and third quarter moon, as well as the total duration of the lunar cycle.

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To use TimeAndDate.com's calendar, enter the location by city and country, and the year between 1600 and 2600 A.D. The calendar displays the lunar phases for the entire year, both as a table with local dates and times and as a visual graph using icons to represent the half, full, and one- and three-quarter lunar phases. It also shows significant lunar events, such super moons, micro moons, blue moons, black moons and lunar eclipses. The site has options to view moonrise and moonset and eclipse calendars, and can also produce printable calendars for specific years.

MoonConnection.com's lunar calendar shows illustrations of the exact phase of the moon on every day of the month for the Northern and Southern hemispheres, using the time zone set on the computer. To find a specific date, enter the month and year into the option fields. The calendar provides lunar data from 1930 to 2025.

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