How Can You Determine Which Liquid Will Evaporate the Fastest?

The rate of evaporation of liquid depends on the temperature of the liquid, the surface area, vapor pressure and the air movements of the surroundings of the liquid. These factors all play a part in the process.

The speed at which a liquid evaporates depends on these factors because the liquid's molecules have to use a certain amount of energy during evaporation. Each of these things affects the amount of energy the liquid can expend to turn into a gas.

Liquids like rubbing alcohol will evaporate faster than a thick liquid such as cooking oil. This is because the molecules in the alcohol are much more loosely packed than those of the oil, which is a thicker, denser liquid.

When performing an experiment on the evaporation rate of liquids, the researcher has the ability to influence the rate of evaporation by increasing air flow, heating the liquid, or exposing it to a larger surface area.