Where Can You Find a Detailed Diagram of the Vertebral Column?


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The websites CliffsNotes.com, AcupunctureProducts.com and MassageSupplies.com provide free detailed diagrams of the vertebral column. An article about the vertebral column on Wikipedia.org also features detailed images of the human vertebral column and spine.

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AcupunctureProducts.com provides free printable diagrams of the vertebral spine, including the anterior and posterior spinal column, as well as the left view of the vertebral column. Users can download the images in PDF or in JPG format.

CliffsNotes.com feature a detailed diagram of the vertebral column, as well as a brief description of each of its bones.

The website MassageSupplies.com sells posters of anatomical charts and posters, including a diagram of the vertebral column. The diagram featured in the poster is available in JPG format.

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