How Can I Decrease Forehead Size?

Surgery is the only way to physically decrease the size of a forehead. Cosmetic techniques including hairstyling, forehead accessories and makeup application can draw attention away from or hide a large forehead, but only surgery can decrease the size of your forehead.

  1. Consult a reputable cosmetic surgeon

    Ask your family doctor for a recommendation to a cosmetic surgeon. This method allows you to avoid less reputable cosmetic surgeons in your area.

  2. Make sure surgery is the best option for you

    Consult with your cosmetic surgeon to ensure surgery is the correct option for you. Even the most advanced procedures can only lower a hairline about 2 inches. Scarring is common and may require the application of permanent makeup to conceal. Some people, like those with thinning hair, are poor candidates. Make sure you are comfortable with the potential risks and results.

  3. Make sure you have ample recovery time

    While some patients recover enough to return to work or school after only a few days, most need seven to 10 days. Even light activity, such as yard work, jogging or bending, must be avoided during the recovery period. Perform no more strenuous activity than walking at a normal pace. Before undergoing any elective surgery, ensure you have enough time available to recover.