How Can You Create a Printable Monthly Calendar?


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Create a printable monthly calendar at TimeAndDate.com or CalendarLabs.com. These sites feature online tools for printing custom calendars that include events such as holidays, while CalendarLabs.com features a tool for uploading a custom photo for printing on a calendar.

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At TimeAndDate.com, hover the mouse over the Calendar tab near the top of the main page, and then click Printable PDF Calendar on the drop-down menu. Select Monthly for the calendar type near the top right of the page, then type the year in the Year box. You also have the option to click the Holiday Options to display a drop-down menu, and then choose to print events such as holidays and moon phases on the calendar. Click the Religious Days tab and check a box provided to include religious holidays on the calendar. Click Calendar Colors to choose color options and click the Holidays or Observances checkbox to print those events in the selected color. Click the Create PDF button to print the calendar or save it to your computer for later printing.

At CalendarLabs.com, click the Printable Calendar link beneath the Printable Calendar section near the top of the main page. Choose the format you desire and click the Customize and Download button beneath it. Use options on the right side of the page to customize the calendar, and then click the Download Calendar button to print it or save it to your computer for later printing. Most calendars on this website are printable, including those created in the Photo Calendars section, which allows you to upload a photo of your choice.

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