How Can You Create Your Own Printable Calendar?

How Can You Create Your Own Printable Calendar? offers several online calendar creators for customizable, printable calendars, including a basic calendar, an advanced calendar and a PDF calendar. WinCalendar provides downloadable, customizable Microsoft Word and Excel calendar templates.

Users have some flexibility to customize the format of a calendar with the calendar creators at but have much more flexibility to customize calendars with the calendar templates from WinCalendar, as long as they are proficient with Word or Excel. To make a basic, customized calendar quickly, use one of's calendar creators. To make a unique, completely customized calendar, use WinCalendar templates.

There are many options to consider when customizing a calendar. Some considerations, such as displaying each month on a single page or displaying the whole year on a single page, depend on the purpose of the calendar. Other considerations, such as adding colors and graphics, depend on personal preference.

When using a calendar to keep track of daily tasks, it is important that the calendar is well-suited to specific needs. For example, if you do not care about the phases of the moon, those moon phase graphics are taking up unnecessary space that could be used to write in more appointments and tasks. When customizing a calendar, evaluate how the calendar is to be used and remove superfluous features to avoid clutter and make the calendar experience more efficient.