How Can You Convert RGB Color to Pantone?

How Can You Convert RGB Color to Pantone?

RGB color can be converted into Pantone by using a graphics program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Pantone color options are approximate and may not exactly match RGB colors.

Color can be converted from RGB to Pantone in Illustrator using the following steps:

  1. Open Document
  2. Open the document and select the color that needs to be converted.

  3. Find the "Color Guide"
  4. Go to the "Window" tab and select the "Color Guide."

  5. Select the correct icon and choose "Color Books"
  6. Select the icon that appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. From there, scroll to "Color Books" and choose "Pantone solid coated."

  7. Choose the color
  8. The color that is to be converted should be indicated with a black arrow. Click on the color to convert it to Pantone.