How Can You Convert From AMU to Grams?


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To convert from AMU to grams, multiply the number of AMU by 1.66054 * 10^-24. This is because one AMU has a mass of roughly 1.66054 * 10^-24 grams. An alternative way to convert is to divide the number of AMU by Avogadro's number, 6.02214129 * 10^23.

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  1. Determine the number of AMU you have

    Determine the number of AMU, or atomic mass units, you want to convert to grams. If you're solving a math and science problem, this should be defined as a parameter.

  2. Multiply the number of AMU by 1.66054 * 10^-24

    Take the number of atomic mass units and multiply it by 1.66054 * 10^-24.

  3. Express your answer in grams

    After calculating, express your result in grams. For example, if you are converting a billion AMU to grams, your result is 1.66054 * 10^-15 grams.

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