How Can a Child Become an Earth Ranger?

How Can a Child Become an Earth Ranger?

A child can become an Earth Ranger by submitting an online application, asking the parents or guardians to approve the request and receiving an Earth Ranger card. Applying for membership is easy; children can do it on the Internet through the official website at

Earth Rangers is a Canadian children's organization that aims to educate people about biodiversity and inspire them to contribute to conserving nature in one way or another. Children can join this organization for free. Below are some steps involved in becoming a member of this organization.

  1. Submit an application
  2. Go to E and browse to find the option to join. Click on the option to reveal the application form. Fill in all details required. Check to ensure all fields are filled and verify that all information is accurate. Submit the application and wait for a response.

  3. Notify a parent or guardian
  4. Talk to a parent or guarding regarding the application and let this person be on the lookout for an email from the organization. This email officially notifies the person responsible about the application and seeks their approval.

  5. Receive the Earth Ranger card
  6. After approval by a responsible adult, the organization sends a membership card through mail. This card officially confirms membership.

  7. Participate in missions
  8. As a member of Earth Rangers, each individual must participate in various missions as instructed by the organization.