Where Can You Buy Manure?


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Home and garden stores such as Lowes and Home Depot sell manure, as do superstores such as Walmart and Target. Livestock farmers and stables may also sell manure or even give it away for free.

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Where Can You Buy Manure?
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The most common type of manure for sale is cow manure. As of August 2015, both Home Depot and Lowes sell a 50-pound bag of cow manure for less than $6. Also, Walmart sells a cubic-foot sized bag containing a mixture of steer manure and compost for less than $2.

Commercially available manure is usually composted prior to being packaged. The composting process kills harmful bacteria, removes odors and breaks down nitrogen compounds that can burn plant roots. In addition, composting destroys weed seeds, which can otherwise sprout and contaminate a garden.

Chicken, goat, sheep and horse manure are also suitable for gardening, but are not usually available at stores. However, livestock farmers and stables produce large amounts of manure and are often willing to sell it or give it away. This manure may contain antibiotic or chemical residues if the farm is not organic. Because the manure has not been composted, it may also contain pathogens. Fresh manure should be handled with gloves for protection, and it should be composted to kill bacteria before use.

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