How Can Button Cell Batteries Be Recharged?

can-button-cell-batteries-recharged Credit: tony_duell/CC-BY-2.0

Button cell batteries that are used in hearing aids, cameras and watches are considered single-use and therefore recharging should not be attempted. Lithium ion coin cell batteries, which are larger and flatter than button cell batteries, can be recharged.

Button cell batteries have a single cell with a slow self-discharge that allows devices like watches to run continuously for extended periods of time. They are rated between 1.5 and 3 volts and are used in items that do not require high power.

Button cell batteries contain a number of heavy metals and are considered a single-use item that should discarded at designated facilities that support its proper disposal.

Coin cell batteries are often used as the backup for CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor), which are the chips that store the time, date and hardware settings in computers, and they are available in rechargeable form.