How Can You Build a Vertical Wind Turbine?

How Can You Build a Vertical Wind Turbine?

Green Terra Firma offers instructions about how to build a vertical wind turbine. To build the turbine's blades, first remove alternating spokes from two 22-inch bicycle tire rims. Cut a 10-foot PVC pipe in half vertically, and then place the end of the pipe between the spokes. Drill a hole, and attach the pipe to the rim with a screw. Repeat the process until every other space between spokes is filled. In total, there will be nine PVC pipe blades.

To assemble the frame, use three 32-inch long 2-by-4-inch boards for the top and bottom. Cut two more 2-by-4-inch boards 72 inches in length for the sides. Attach the side boards to the bottom board with screws, and drill a 1/2-inch hole into the center of the bottom board. Place the bicycle tire rim without blades onto the bottom board with its center on the hole.

Determine the distance between the tire rim on the bottom board to the top of the rim holding the blades. Add 1 inch, and screw the two top beams into the side boards at that height. Cut a 2-by-6-inch board 24 inches in length to use as a stabilizer. Anchor it to the bottom board using a T-shaped piece of plywood and a screw. Attach another 2-by-6-inch board cut 20 inches in length to support the treadmill motor.

Insert the blades into alternating spokes in the tire rim on the bottom board. Screw a post bracket on the top beams, and attach the blades to it.

Attach the treadmill motor to the 2-by-6-inch supporting board, and thread the V belt through the bottom bicycle rim and the treadmill motor. To protect the motor from rain, cover it with a cat litter pail.