How Can You Build a Magnetic Motor?


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You can build a magnetic motor by utilizing a cylinder on a rotor and several magnets. By capitalizing on the repellent forces of magnetic poles, it is possible to create a machine in constant motion with the capabilities to produce perpetual energy.

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The concept of a magnetic motor is based upon the desire for free and limitless energy. One of the main proponents for this pursuit was Nicola Tesla. He commented that electrical energy is present in everything, in every part of the universe, and that human dependence on fossil fuels is unnecessary. His belief was that once humans were attuned to the forces of nature, they would be able to create energy with ease.

There are several scientists who are thought to have been influenced by Tesla and who have supposedly built different forms of working magnetic motors. Allegedly, the reason for their absence in the world of modern science is due to a conscious effort on the part of the oil industries to retain control over the energy industry, but this cannot be verified. A few of the scientists who are thought to have produced working magnetic motors are C. Earl Ammann, Lester Hendershot and Alfred Hubbard. Modern research into the field of magnetized motors shows that the creation of these motors is possible.

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