What Can You Do With a Biology Degree?

Students who earn degrees in biology can work in many different fields, such as health care, engineering, research, education and government. Many of these careers require employees to have not only a bachelor's degree, but also a master's or doctoral degree.

The two jobs that have the highest median salary for people with biology degrees are surgeon and allergist. They can make over $80 per hour. An allergist provides treatment for many different allergic diseases. Both allergists and surgeons must complete medical school as well as a residency program. Surgeons must pass either the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination or the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination. However, both of these positions require education and degrees beyond undergraduate work.

Biology majors who do not earn graduate degrees have a median salary of $51,00 per year. These include positions such as technician, conservationist, educator and nutritionist. Those in higher level education may not only be professors, but can also apply for research grants through universities. Furthermore, jobs are even available in the legal career as forensic investigators, since most of forensic science is based in biology. This involves DNA analysis among other crime investigation. The government also offers positions with the FDA, CDC and as health officials.