Where Can You Find Biography Facts on Isaac Newton?


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Various websites provide information about Isaac Newton, including Biography.com, History.com and BBC.co.uk. All three websites feature a helpful search feature. Isaac Newton was a 17th century English physicist and mathematician who developed the underlying principles of modern physics.

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Where Can You Find Biography Facts on Isaac Newton?
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Biography.com's search feature is provided by the small magnifying glass button at the top of the home page. History.com has a similar search button. BBC.co.uk provides a direct search box at the top of the page and has multiple articles on Isaac Newton, the most comprehensive being the iWonder article.

Isaac Newton was a major player in the 17th century scientific revolution, and he was responsible for many scientific breakthroughs, including his theory of gravity. He laid out his laws of motions and theory of universal gravitation, which explained the motion of celestial objects, in his book "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica."

Isaac Newton was born Jan. 4, 1643, in Woolsthorpe, England. He died March 31, 1727, in London. He was the son of a prosperous farmer, and studied at the University of Cambridge. In addition to his theory of gravity, Newton independently invented calculus, though German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz formulated similar theories at about the same time. Newton also dabbled with alchemy, a now discredited branch of science that was a partial forerunner to chemistry.

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