Where Can You Find an Animated Video of Mitosis?


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Animated videos of mitosis can be found on various science websites, such as the Hybrid Medical Animation website under "The Stages of Mitosis," as well as the Cells Alive website under "Animal Cell Mitosis." To view the animation on the Cells Alive website, click on the red "Start The Animation" button.

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Videos of cellular processes are often a good educational tool to help individuals understand things that happening on a microscopic level. Mitosis is the process in a cell in which chromosomes in the cell nucleus break apart into two identical chromosomes.The seven events that happen during mitosisare interphase, prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis, according to the Cells Alive webpage. The animation on this page shows actual footage of cells undergoing mitosis, as well as an animation of what is actually happening within the cell. It also allows for interaction from the viewer to view freeze frames of each of the cellular events.

The Hybrid Medical Animation website is a much more in-depth and visually stimulating animation that takes a look at each of the parts of the cell, and then watches the cell undergo mitosis. Other than these two videos, many other educational websites and online medical journals have animations of cellular mitosis, as well as many other animations to help visualize biological processes.

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