Where Can You Find a Free Anatomy Chart of the Human Abdomen?


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WebMD.com, Theodora.com and NucleusCatalog.com are websites that offer free anatomy charts of the human abdomen. The charts provided include comprehensive diagrams of the male and female abdomen from the front, side and back.

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Where Can You Find a Free Anatomy Chart of the Human Abdomen?
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WebMD.com provides a comprehensive anatomy chart of the human abdomen as part of its Digestive Disorders Health Center. The organs are labelled, and a short article describing the various parts is included. Visitors can view progressively detailed charts of specific areas of the abdomen starting with the full frontal view. A list of pertinent abdomen conditions accompanies the charts.

Theodora.com presents digitalized pages from the section on the abdomen found in the book “Gray’s Anatomy.” The detailed charts include diagrams from the vertical disposition, the horizontal disposition and the posterior view. The site includes illustrations of individual organs with separate images of the male and female anatomy. Extensive academic notes and explanations accompany the charts.

NucleusCatalog.com offers a series of free anatomy charts of the abdomen from the front and side views. The charts can be shared via email and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and high-resolution printed copies are available for purchase. The site features diagrams of specific abdominal health issues such as diarrhea resulting from loss of terminal ileum and abdominal contamination following bowel perforation. A detailed description accompanies each diagram.

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