How Can I Achieve a Thin Waist and Thick Thighs?


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Do exercises like elevated lunges with weights. Keep a journal to chart your progress and to let you know whether you should make exercise adjustments. Eat a high amount of protein, and stay away from junk foods.

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  1. Perform lunge exercises

    Doing elevated lunges with dumbbells or barbells can strengthen the thigh muscles while reducing fat in the waist area. Stepping up on an aerobic platform creates the elevation for this exercise and helps to define the thighs and make them bigger. Now Loss recommends doing four to 10 sets of five to 12 reps of this exercise. Don't use weights that are too light or too heavy. Do the exercises a few days a week with rest days in between.

  2. Keep a workout log

    Journal your progress. This lets you know whether you should increase or decrease the amount of weight you're using in your workouts. Looking at your body's progress also lets you know if you should make adjustments to your exercise routine.

  3. Follow a specific diet

    Now Loss recommends eating 1,200 to 2,000 calories every day. Of all the calories you eat, 25 to 50 percent should be protein. Foods that are high in salt, sugar and fat are not recommended, but you can eat a variety of foods while you work to reduce your waistline and make your thighs bigger.

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