Where Can You Access Periodic Table Chart?


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The periodic table is available online at PTable.com, Periodic.LANL.gov and PeriodicTable.com. On each of these, clicking or hovering over an element brings up more information. All three sources identify each element by its name, symbol and atomic number.

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PTable.com offers a tabbed version. The first tab shows each element's name, symbol, atomic number and electron configuration. Color coding indicates the element's main state and type of metal or non-metal. Other tabs show properties, orbitals, isotopes and compounds. Clicking an element opens the Wikipedia article on it.

The Los Alamos National Labs table says it is specifically for students. It, too, is color coded. Clicking on the table brings up history, properties and uses of each element.

PeriodicTable.com is pictorial. This periodic table displays a photo of each element directly in the table. Mousing over or clicking on an element brings up a larger version of the photo, plus photos of other forms and uses of the element. Text information accompanies the photos.

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