Where Can You Access NASA Moon Photographs?

The official website of NASA for lunar explorations provides photographs of the Earth's moon. Some news media websites and companies focused on the space sector, such as Space.com and SpaceRef.com, provide pictures of the moon taken from the NASA's website.

Moon.nasa.gov provides information and photographs of the Earth's moon. The multimedia section compiles the best lunar images and videos from different positions, mission sources and lunar explorations. The image gallery includes photographs from the Apollo 11 space mission to recent pictures of lunar eclipses and phases of the moon.

NASA also posts timely photos of the moon taken by the Lunar Orbiter, a spacecraft designed to take pictures of the moon. The photos are accessible by searching and selecting the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter under the Missions section of NASA.gov. Publish under the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project, the images are recovered photos from the Lunar Orbiters I to V. The photos are from 1966 and 1967 and have been reproduced through modern image processing techniques.

Space.com and SpaceRef.com both publish the latest lunar photos from NASA's Lunar Orbiter and explorations. The photos on Space.com are accessible through the site's Space Photos section. SpacerRef.com, however, features a dedicated information section on the moon, including the latest news, videos and photos from NASA.