What Do You Call a Person Who Studies Minerals?

A person who studies minerals is referred to as a mineralogist. Mineralogy is the study of minerals and their properties, structures, identification and distribution. In mineralogy, there are many subfields in which a mineralogist can work.

For example, a mineralogist may investigate the crystal formation of minerals. This is called crystallography. Mineralogists can also study gems.

They can work in a variety of settings, including mines, geological work, research, museum and teaching institutions. In geology, they may perform field surveys, chemical testing and identification of minerals. This can involve determining the distinct physical and chemical properties, such as density and melting points of these solid substances. Similarly, mineralogists who work for mining companies are involved in the recovery, testing and processing of mineral ores.

Minerals, which are formed in nature, are inorganic substances that also have crystalline structures. Table salt, also known as halite, is a mineral.