What Are California Wildfires?


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California wildfires are large fires that spread quickly over terrain in California due to its climate. These fires are notorious for costing billions of dollars each year in order to put out and increasing in number and severity as time progresses.

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California wildfires occur during the spring and summer months. The state is subject to hot, windy and dry weather throughout these seasons, and because of that, fires are produced and spread easily. The winds play a large part in how these fires spread. The strong, dry winds help fan the flames, quickly making the wildfires larger. In addition to the standard conditions that create California wildfires, these fires greatly increase in number and become more dangerous in the event of a drought. Over the course of a long period of time, droughts lead to wildfires that are extremely difficult for firefighters to stop from spreading and even harder to put out.

California wildfires are so severe that organizations such as CAL FIRE work year-round in order to prevent them from occurring. In addition to wildfire prevention, these organizations also play a large part in educating California residents about what to do in the event of a wildfire and how to escape as safely as possible.

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