How Do You Calculate Torque Angle?

Calculating the torque angle requires you to know several factors from the following relationship: torque = rFsin(theta). If you are told that the torque is at a maximum value, you know the angle is at 90 degrees; otherwise, the aforementioned equation must be rearranged. To solve this equation, you need to know the value of torque.

  1. Determine the acting force

    Determine the applied force that causes the torque. If you are reading a problem, this unit is typically given in newtons and it is represented in the equation by the symbol "F". If this is a real-life problem, you can use a newton meter to calculate the force.

  2. Determine the radius

    Determine the radius, which is the distance from the axis of rotation to the application point of the force. This unit is represented by the term "r" and is typically measured in meters. For a real-life problem, measure this distance with a ruler.

  3. Rearrange the equation and solve

    Rearrange the equation for torque to solve for the angle. This equation has the following form: theta = sin^-1(torque/rF). Sin^-1 in the inverse form of sine. Because of this item, a calculator is required to complete the rest of this equation.