How Do You Calculate Cycle Time?


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To calculate the cycle time, quantify the process time, inspection time, move time and queue time by manually measuring each one, and add these components together. The cycle time for each industry varies depending on the components to be added and time taken for each.

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Process time refers to the time required to convert the raw materials to the finished product. Inspection time refers to the time period taken to inspect the finished goods with respect to their adherence to the quality requirements. The time taken to inspect a product depends on how complex it is.

The move time is the time required to transport the finished and inspected product to the retail shops or directly to the customers from the manufacturing unit. Normally, the move time is measured in days. The move time for different products varies depending on the means of transport used and their packaging priority.

The queue time, also called the wait time, refers to the time period when the product remains at the retail shop before it is purchased. It also includes other wait times such as the period between production and inspection and the period before the item is packed and transported. Depending on the nature of the product, queue time is measured in days or months.

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