How Do You Calculate Current Natural Gas Rates?

How Do You Calculate Current Natural Gas Rates?

The best way for home or business owners to calculate natural gas rates is to use a rate calculator provided by companies such as South Jersey Gas, GasGeorgia and Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania. The cost of gas and gas service can vary from one service provider to another so it is very difficult to use a general formula to calculate the rates nationwide for natural gas.

The calculators provided by natural gas service providers are easy to use. The following steps are for the calculator on the South Jersey Gas website.

  1. Populate information in the calculator
  2. Go to the South Jersey Gas website at and enter the number of oil gallons used for the last 12 months.

  3. Enter the cost
  4. Then enter the amount paid per gallon in the next section.

  5. Get results
  6. Once entered the website will auto-populate the remaining fields. The calculator will show the annual savings between the two types of heating fuel.

Using GasGeorgia's calculator is similar. Enter the current price per thermal unit of the natural gas, or use the default rate provided by the website. Enter the number of minutes an item is used a day, week or month to get the monthly or yearly totals.

Columbia Gas also has very few steps to use their calculator. Choose water or home heating information first. Enter the home requirements to give a more accurate estimation. The graph below the information will adjust with the different heating types as the information is put in the calculator.