How Do You Calculate a Cubic Yard in Liters?


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One cubic yard is equivalent to approximately 764.55 liters. To convert a certain number of cubic yards to liters, one can multiply the number of cubic yards by 764.55.

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The most direct way to convert from cubic yards to liters is to multiply the number of cubic yards by 764.55 liters/cubic yard to derive the number of cubic yards. Similarly, to convert liters to cubic yards, one can divide the number of cubic yards by 764.55 liters/cubic yard.

However, if one cannot remember the decimals in the conversion, an alternative way to convert to liters is to take a series of simpler steps to convert cubic yards into liters. For example, one can convert cubic yards to cubic feet, then cubic feet to cubic inches, then cubic inches to cubic centimeters, then cubic centimeters to milliliters, then milliliters to liters.

Knowing that there are three feet in a yard, 12 inches in a foot, 2.54 centimeters in an inch, 1,000 milliliters in a liter, and that a cubic centimeter is equivalent to a milliliter, it is possible to perform this conversion with easier-to-use numbers. One must remember when converting one cubic unit to another cubic unit to multiply by a one-dimensional unit conversion to the third power.

For example, 1 ydᄈ * (3 feet/yd)ᄈ * (12 inches/ft)ᄈ * (2.54 cm/in)ᄈ * (1 mL/1 cmᄈ) * (1 L/1,000 mL) = 764.55 liters. This series of small, easier-to-remember conversions produces the same result as the known ratio of cubic yards to liters.

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