How Do You Calculate Adiabatic Flame Temperature?

To calculate the adiabatic flame temperature of a substance, measure the substance's molar mass and its initial temperature. Calculate the heat of the reaction at 25 degrees Celsius to find the final adiabatic flame temperature.

  1. Find the molar mass

    Calculate the mass balance of the solutions. Determine the molar mass of each substance.

  2. Calculate the enthalpy change

    Write an equation where "Q" equals the initial substance subtracted from the final combustion products. Write the equation so that Q = 0 to determine the adiabatic flame temperature. The equation calculates the maximum temperature of the solution. Plug in the specific measurements for the solution obtained during the mass balance to get the final equation.

  3. Find the heat reaction

    Determine the temperature of the solution after it has been raised to 25 degrees Celsius from its initial temperature. Combine the combustion reaction with the liquid water reaction in the equation. Cancel the liquid terms to find the final heat reaction of the combustion process. Put this answer in kilojoules per mole.

  4. Evaluate the enthalpy term

    Combine the heat reaction calculation with the terms in the energy balance equation. Add the enthalpy term from the heat capacities of the substances in the outlet stream. Revise the heat reaction equation by plugging these numbers into the final equation.

  5. Solve for the flame temperature

    Find the last remaining unknown in the equation. This calculation is the maximum temperature of the combustion products.