What Is Cadmium Nitrate?


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Cadmium nitrate, also known as cadmium dinitrate, is the cadmium salt of nitric acid. Its chemical formula is CdN2O6 or Cd(NO3)2, and its molar mass is 236.42 grams per mole. It also exists as a tetrahydrate, which forms a stable crystal. The anhydrous form is volatile.

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Cadmium nitrate is produced from the reaction of nitric acid with cadmium metal, cadmium oxide or cadmium carbonate. The reaction with cadmium carbonate produces the tetrahydrate, which can then be heated to obtain the anhydrous form. Like all other cadmium compounds, cadmium nitrate is a carcinogen. It is used as a flash powder in photography and as a colorant for glass and porcelain.

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