Why Do I Have a Burning Sensation in My Knee?

A burning sensation in the knees is a symptom of several conditions, including arthritis and peripheral artery disease, a condition that occurs when the arteries become narrowed, according to Healthgrades. Burning sensations can also indicate peripheral neuropathy, a condition caused by nerve damage in the legs.

A burning sensation behind the knee can indicate torn cartilage or ligaments, according to BetterBraces.com. A burning feeling in the front of the knee can occur when the kneecap and knee joints are out of balance. Burning kneecaps are indicative of runner’s knee, a condition that develops from overuse. Burning that runs down the side of the knee is commonly caused by Iliotibial band syndrome, a condition in which the Iliotibial band that travels down the outer side of the leg becomes inflamed.

Individuals with knee bursitis may also experience a dull, burning sensation in the knees, according to Healthline. Bursitis is caused by overuse or injury to the knee joints. Treatments for knee bursitis include medications, physical therapy and surgery. Home care remedies include ice therapy, elevating the injured knee during sleep and wearing comfortable footwear. Obese individuals with chronic knee pain due to bursitis may also benefit by losing weight. Warming up prior to working out and low-impact exercise routines can also help take pressure off the knees and minimize discomfort.