How Do You Build a Wind Turbine?


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To build a wind turbine, start by building the rotor and nacelle. Place a 2-inch PVC pipe into a 90-degree PVC fitting, and cover the pipe with a PVC coupler to form the nacelle. Measure a 1/2-inch-wide and 18-inch-long piece of duct tape, and put it around the motor to provide a secure fit into the coupler. Take the wires from the DC motor, and feed them into the nacelle. Place the motor on the coupler.

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Press the crimping hub on the driveshaft to attach it to the motor, and move the motor until it is even with the edge of the pipe.

Next, build the turbine's base with four 90-degree PVC fittings, four 6-inch PVC pipes and two PVC tees. Place one end of a 6-inch pipe into a 90-degree fitting and the other into a PVC tee to make one leg. Repeat the process to make the second leg, and then drill a hole in the bottom of the PVC tee. Connect the legs by running the 6-inch PVC pipes into the opposing PVC tees.

Run the motor wires down a 24-inch PVC pipe to create the tower. Secure the nacelle to the top of the tower, and pull the motor wires through the hole drilled in the PVC tee. Place the tower on the tee, and put alligator clips on all exposed motor wires. Glue 6 to 10-inch pieces of poster board to four dowels, and insert them into the crimping hub holes.

Move the turbine in front of a running fan. As the blades turn, electricity generates, and you can measure its voltage by connecting alligator clips to a multimeter. Once the correct voltage is achieved, you can connect the wires to a light bulb.

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