How Do You Build a Solar Power Generator?


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To build a solar power generator, a solar panel, battery, charge controller, inverter, wire connectors and wires are needed. Having a solar generator can negate the need to for oil and gas, and they are much cheaper and safer to run.

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To build a solar power generator, use the following steps:

  1. Connect the battery and the inverter
  2. The inverter and the battery need to be connected for the energy stored in the battery to be used by whatever item the generator is powering. Most items in a home run on AC power, but the battery is DC. Without the inverter, the power wouldn't be usable. The connection is made by hooking the wire and wire connectors together. The negative wire goes to the negative terminal first and then the positive.

  3. Connect the charge controller to the battery and the solar panel
  4. The charge controller gets connected to the batter as well. This regulates the amount of charge that flows in or out of the battery and keeps it from getting burned up. It gets connected the same way as the inverter with the negative wire first. Once it is connected, hook it to the solar panel. Place the panel where it gets the most sunlight during the day in order to charge the generator.

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