How Do You Build a Mountain?


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Mountains are natural geographical features and are not built by humans. Mountains are created by the movement and collision of the different plates of the earth's crust. With the help of machines, humans can create large piles of rocks and dirt which could be called mountains in an exaggerated sense, but humans are not able to create full-scale mountains due to their size and the forces they require.

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The earth's outer crust is made up of different tectonic plates. Gravity, the ocean's movements and the density of other crust layers cause these plates to move. In the course of their movement, some plates collide with each other. A plate sliding on top of another plate can form a mountain range. A collision where both plates break and rise is another way that mountain ranges are created. Two plates pushing on opposite ends of a third cause the center plate to fold, forming mountains at its center.

Volcanic activity also creates mountains, though not all mountains created by volcanic activity are active volcanoes. Due to the slow movements of the earth's plates, the process of building mountains takes place over thousands of years. It's a very violent process, given the scale of the plates and the pressure involved, and is often accompanied by earthquakes.

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