How Do You Build a Model Solar System for a School Project?

To build a model solar system, hang small circles representing the planets and sun from a larger circle. There should be eight small circles for the planets and one slightly larger circle in the center, for the sun.

A model solar system is a quick and easy school project. The only supplies required are a large cardboard circle, such as the circle from a frozen pizza, another piece of cardboard, string, scissors, a compass to draw circles and crayons or markers.

  1. Draw the orbits
  2. Use a sharp pencil to punch a hole in the center of the large cardboard circle. Then, use the compass to draw the orbits of the eight planets. Draw four circles close to the center, leave a space to represent the asteroid belt, then draw four more circles. Punch one hole on each circle to hang the planets from.
  3. Make the planets and the sun
  4. Cut circles out of the other piece of cardboard. Make one circle slightly larger to represent the sun. Use the crayons or markers to decorate the planets, if desired. For example, Mars could be red and Earth could be green and blue.
  5. Complete the project
  6. Cut lengths of string and tie a knot in one end. Thread through the holes on the large circle of cardboard. Use tape to attach the sun and planets to the end of the string hanging from the cardboard.