How Do You Build a Magnetic Levitation Car?

To make a magnetic levitation car, first carve a polystyrene block into the shape of a car and glue magnets on the bottom with the negative side facing down, then create the track by gluing magnets with the negative side facing up. The magnets will repel from each other and keep the polystyrene car levitated above the track.

Polystyrene is a very light material that even weak magnets should be able to hold up. Using rectangular magnets for the car and track will allow for more stability than disk-shaped magnets.

  1. Create the car
  2. Cut or carve a block of polystyrene into the desired shape of the vehicle that will be levitating. This can be a car, train or any other shape. Make sure that the vehicle is symmetric and not top-heavy. If there is too much weight on one side, the vehicle will not be stable when it is levitating.

  3. Attach the magnets
  4. Use a strong adhesive, such as liquid cement or glue, to attach rectangular magnets to the bottom of the car. All magnets should be glued on with the negative side facing down.

  5. Create the track
  6. Adhere two strips of rectangular magnets with their negative sides facing up onto a piece of cardboard to make the track for the levitating car. The strips should run parallel and be as far apart as the vehicle is wide. Attach tall pieces of wood along the track on either side of the magnet strips to keep the levitating vehicle over the magnets.