How Do You Build a Magnetic Generator?


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Building a magnetic generator involves inserting a nail through the centers of two cardboard circles so the circles are 1.5 inches apart, insulating the nail between the circles, winding an insulated copper wire on the insulated part, attaching the wire to a bulb, and moving a magnet near the nail's head. Use a 6-inch nail, insulation tape, a bulb and its holder, a cardboard sheet and an 8.5-meter copper wire to complete this task. A magnet is also handy.

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Fix a pencil on a compass, stretch the compass to 0.75 inches, and use the compass and the pencil to draw a circle over the cardboard, taking care not to alter the compass span. Using a suitable tool, cut the cardboard along the circumference of the circle, and repeat the process for another circle. You should now have two circular pieces each with a 1.5-inch diameter.

Drive the nail through the center of one of the circular pieces so the nail's head touches the piece. Measure a 1.5-inch length on the nail starting from the cardboard, and insulate the length with the tape. Drive the nail through the center of the second circle so the insulated length separates the two circles. Wrap all the wire around the insulated length, taking care to leave a few inches of the wire on both ends of the length, secure the wire in place with the tape, and connect the wire ends to the bulb. With speed, run the magnet from one side of the nail's head to another to light the bulb.

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