How Do You Build a Hoverboard?


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It is likely impossible for most people to build their own hoverboard, as most of the technologies that would allow for the creation of such a device are extremely expensive. However, the Lexus division of the Toyota Motor Company has created a hoverboard known as the Slide that uses the principles of magnetic levitation to hover and move inches above certain specially magnetized surfaces.

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The Slide hoverboard consists of a bamboo and carbon-fiber deck and shell around a core of superconducting materials cooled with liquid nitrogen. When these superconducting materials are placed in proximity to a magnetic field, an effect known as the Meissner effect causes the Slide to repel from the magnetic field and effectively hover above the ground. However, this also means that the surface where the Slide is used must contain steel bars or other magnetic elements to successfully repel the board; for instance, Lexus demonstrated the device at a specially prepared concrete skate park.

The cost of the materials in the Slide is likely to be very high, since superconducting materials are very expensive as of 2015. Liquid nitrogen is also somewhat expensive to procure and store for most individuals. In addition, the need to construct a specialized surface for the Slide to function on is another major barrier to those seeking to build their own hoverboards.

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