How Do You Build a Generator?

How Do You Build a Generator?

To build a generator, create a coil using a nail, two cardboard disks, some insulating tape and a lot of copper wire wound about the nail. Connect the ends of the wire to a light bulb, and attach a magnet to a hand drill. Spinning the drill next to the coil will create electric current and light up the bulb.

This generator uses the induction method of generating an alternating current. It comprises a magnet spinning close to a coil. The generator is small and will only generate enough power to light a bulb.

Step 1: Collect the materials

Materials needed to put a generator together are: cardboard, a 6 inch iron nail with a large head and 0.24 inches diameter, a bolt and a nut 0.24 inches in diameter and 3 to 4 inches long, 82 feet of enameled copper wire 0.01 inches in diameter; an E825 eclipse button magnet that has a fixing hole, a 6V and 0.06 A torch bulb with a bulb holder, insulating tape and a hand drill.

Step 2: Create the coil

Put a cardboard disk 1.2 inch in diameter by the head of the nail. Wrap insulating tape around 0.8 to 1.2 inches of the nail next to it. Push another identical disk onto the nail to the tape, then secure it with a bit of insulating tape on the other side of the disk. Leave 12 inches of the wire, which will be used to make the lead. The rest of the wire has go around the insulating tape between the disks around 1,500 times. Leave another 12 inches of the wire free at another end. Use the insulating tape to cover the wire around the nail. Scrape the enamel off 0.4 inches of wire at both ends, then connect the ends to the bulb holder. Put the bulb into it.

Step 3: Put together a rotating magnet

Insert the bolt into the fixing hole at the base of the magnet, and secure it with the nut. Clasp the bolt with the chuck of the hand drill. Put the nail with the coil on its end into a vice horizontally. Hold the magnet as close as possible to the coil, without letting them touch. As the drill rotates the magnet, the bulb will light up.