How Do You Build a 3D Model for a Cell Biology Project?

build-3d-model-cell-biology-project Credit: Bounce/Cultura/Getty Images

There are many fun and creative ways to approach making a 3D model for a cell biology project, such as fashioning a classic styrofoam model or making one with a bed pillow or even edible ingredients. Always select a nucleus for the cell that is easy to work with.

Edible Animal Cell Model

A very popular option for 3D cell models is to put together edible components that represent the different parts of the cell. For example, you could use a cookie for the nucleus, jelly beans for the mitochondria, M&Ms for lysosomes and so on.

Styrofoam Model

Another idea is to form the cell model out of styrofoam. This allows you more flexibility in accurately shaping the pieces of the cell to the desired outcome. Ideally, each individual piece of the cell should be a different color. It is useful to have something nearby that clearly indicates which part of the model each color corresponds with.

Pillow Model

This is an effective method for those with good sewing and fabric design skills. Make a cell model out of a pillow by sewing or embroidering each of the parts. The intricacy of the model will vary based on the creator's level of ability.