What Are a Buffalo's Body Parts?

Buffalo are large herbivores with a head, body, four legs and a tail. The head includes two side-placed eyes, two ears, a nose with two nostrils, a mouth and two horns that usually curve backwards. Buffalo have hooved feet, brown hair and short, robust legs.

Buffalo weigh between 660 to 2,700 pounds, with females being lighter. Buffalo that live in the plains are also lighter than those living in the woods. Buffalo heads are large with thick, curly hair. They have 32 teeth which are adapted for their plant-based diet, being both high-crowned and crescent-cusped. Their bodies are narrow with a pronounced shoulder hump. Their bodies are between seven and 10 feet in length.

For thousands of years people have utilized parts of buffalo bodies for different purposes. Hides have been used for clothing, bedding and housing, such as covering for tepees. Both the stomach and the bladder have been used as containers and pouches. Hair has been a component of pillows, ropes and clothing. People used the sinews to create glue and the heads as ceremonial objects. Even the tail had a purpose, as a fly swatter. Naturally, buffalo meat is still used for food.

Buffalo are native to Africa and Asia, where they are typically found near water. American bison are commonly called buffalo, though they are considered a different species.