Which Bottled Waters Have the Highest PH Level?

Bottled water brands with the highest pH levels include Essentia, Evamor, Real Water and Culligan, based on a comparative analysis of bottled waters at Alkaline Water Plus. While Essentia registered a pH level of 9, Evamor, Real Water and Culligan were all tied at a pH level of 8.

To maintain essential acid-base balance in the body, the pH of drinking water should be alkaline and range between 9 and 10. Although some bottled water brands are highly alkaline such as Essentia, these consumables are still unhealthy due to their oxidative properties, which can result in free radical damage.

The comparative test at Alkaline Water Plus indicated that ionized water processed by an Athena water ionizer had a pH level of 10, a notch higher than Essentia. Water filtered and remineralized by the WellBlue alkaline ionizing pitcher also registered an alkaline pH level of 9.5.